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In the past few days a number of things that had felt pinned down and settled in my life decided to FLARE back up again. I'm feeling a bit more settled now.

But I did end up getting that IUD that I've been trying to get since last year (when I discovered my insurance was worth bupkis in this part of the country) and while that took a chunk out of my week, I'm still sitting pretty. With some ibuprofen. But pretty!

Someone on LJ commented that she'd watched the first episode of West Wing and she wondered if this President Jed Bartlett was going to become a major character, and now I have to go and rewatch that first episode again.

I never saw the first episode of West Wing when it first came out. I think my family only got to watching it in the third season, so it wasn't until they started doing reruns of the first season at all. The idea of actually getting to start off that series with the actual first episode would be kind of shocking, actually. I came to it already knowing how some things were going to turn out, so I watched it with assumption that certain people were going to leave, annoyed at the presence of some people who are only really in the first season, and kind of basically wanting it to move along.


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