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All languages have a word for everything. Or they make one up soon thereafter. This is a stupid prompt.
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Well, the idea of peeing standing up does seem to have its uses, but then I reflect on how, after the big co-ed parties at my little women's college, the woods would smell of pee for several days after. Lacking the wherewithal to hunt down a real boy-accepting bathroom, those of the furrier sex made do with trees. It was not appreciated.

Other than that, the main attractions would be the ability to take my shirt off on hot days without attracting the disapproval of the masses, and the ability to shout really loud.

But, generally? No. It doesn't seem worth the trade-offs of dying younger and spending the years 13-27 completely insane.

Besides, I like being female. I sometimes hate people for being assholes about my being female (anyone who utters the phrase 'catfight' when two women are having an impassioned discussion deserves to be shot on sight), but I'm pretty cool with it.
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Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Primarily, the accusation my mother leveled at me when I was about fourteen, which was that though I was intelligent and capable of interacting with people, I refused to do it and thus limited myself and made myself haughty and unuseful to the rest of my species.

Which continues a common trend for me, of listening to my mother's advice and latching on to a particular phrase for years at a time, only to remind her of it to find she does not recall the incident at all. (This also happened when she said I was the least funny of all her children. She's got knack with sticking the knife in *just* the right joint sometimes.)


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