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Or, actually, much more of the same.

It might well be extrapolated from my last several posts that my thoughts, they do not tend towards hair care at the moment. Much the same, my actions recently have been mostly out of the program I created for myself. Sleeping over at places where the main tenants do not keep little bottles of watered-down baking soda in the shower has meant that the last couple three days I used very small amounts of shampoo watered down a great deal to deal with my hair, and no conditioner. The result has been not bad in any form, but I wonder if I've inadvertently reset my head's oil back to "normal shampoo user."

The only thing I can say really that trimming the last two inches off my hair has been really helpful in cutting down my conditioner use and making my hair easier to care for. Not having to coax those last few inches into being presentable means that I've carved about ten minutes off my overall shower and combing routine, and made moving my hair about during the day much easier.
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Yesterday I went without washing my hair because I was away from home in the morning. I put my hair up in braids and it seems really, really greasy all day. I spent some time brushing with a boar's hair brush to try and get the oil distributed reasonably, which helped somewhat, but it was still rather gross. I'm told this will pass.

Last night, I trimmed the last inch or so off my hair to get rid of the rampaging split ends I've built up over the last few months, and while it's probably not completely even in the back, I can now drag a comb through the last five inches of my hair without having to stop and tear out knots. I'm calling it a win.

Washed this morning with the usual baking soda and vinegar- I'm finding it really does matter how thoroughly I get the baking soda mix through my hair. I'd been missing the back of my head to a certain extent and I'm going to make a better effort for that now. Trimming the ends really seems to have helped to get my hair under control- the vinegar does seem to make my hair softer and happier, but it did not do a whole lot for helping keep the damaged ends smooth. I'll probably hit up a salon or a friend with a decent set of eyes after the end of the quarter.
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Hair is dry and was washed about five hours ago- It feels less oily than it did a few days ago at the five hour mark, so I think my scalp is getting the message about not having to go overtime on the oil production. It still feels somewhat more oily than it would had I washed my hair with shampoo, but is at about 80% of Perfect Cleanness and is decently presentable for wearing loose. The ends of my hair smelled a little like vinegar while they were still wet because I didn't take enough time to rinse the ends out properly.

Reading: Reality as Social Process by Charles Hartshorne. I sincerely think that the man just repeats his same main thesis in pretty much the same language in the first chapters of every book he writes, but since it's kind of an off-the-beaten-track thesis, I think that he's probably doing okay.

I made this potato salad recipe last night, substituting apple cider vinegar for rather gourmet vinegar that the recipe calls for, and I was quite pleased with the end result. It tastes a lot like some things I have eaten in Germany and Austria.

Somethings I would change in the recipe/directions
-cut the potatoes to bite-sized, not the halves or quarters.
-I might next time use a drier white than the Chardonnay I tried this time- maybe a pinot grigio would have more bite
-I wonder if this might not make a good dressing for roasted potatoes, too? We shall see.
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Middle of the day. Finding hair feels kind of greasy. Have put hair up in braid and thinking that I'm probably being oversensitive about it, but yeah.
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Combing my hair out after the second time washing it with baking soda and conditioning with apply cider vinegar, I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how my hair feels right now. There are a few tangly spots, but that's pretty common to my hair.

Last night I bought an incredibly crappy boar's hair and plastic bristle brush which really helped distribute the oils from the scalp better. I sat brushing my hair while watching TV for an hour, and at the end my scalp was much less itchy and my hair seemed a bit happier.

Today I actually soaked only really the last six inches of my hair in the vinegar rinse and actually stuck the harsh-feeling tips in the bottle to get them well saturated, and then made myself stand there in the shower with the water off to let the stuff sit in. (Dear sweet pants that is boring. ) But now the still-wet ends are happy and soft, so we shall see if this lasts for the rest of the day.
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Didn't wash my hair today, just put it up in braids and pinned it to get it out of my face in the hideous hot weather. The ends of my hair are feeling a bit harsh, but since I haven't gotten a hair cut in almost a 6 months, I think that is probably outside the baking soda's blame. My hair tends to be a bit oily, and today does not seem that different. I suppose I should probably buy a thick hairbrush to try and redistribute the natural hair oils a bit, but even if I go and get the brush now, trying to brush my newly curly post-braid hair would be a....(dun dun duh!) a recipe for DISASTER!

I have papers to write and things to work on, but I am hungry and feeling productive, so I am going to try a recipe for cold soba noodles and return to my work after dinner. I get more done in the mornings anyways.


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