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has a certain anticipatory charm to it.

Currently, I am waiting for:

Greg Rucka's No Man's Land novelization- I've read this before, and it's a lovely, complex read that gives depth and scope to the characters in the Batman-centric crossover, No Man's Land. Great Two-Face characterization and really interesting look at Jim Gordon's brain. I keep meaning to read the trade paperbacks of NML that preceded the writing of this, but I'm content at the moment to wait for this plain-text version.

Handmade soap- I bought a very large lump of handmade soap from an online vendor with a startlingly barebones site (we're talking geocities-level, here). I will post more on it when it arrives, but it should be here this week or early next.

Matcha- The last year I was at my undergrad, Swelles (not the real name), I got a free canister of decent powdered matcha green tea, which is incredibly strong and yet has no unfortunate aftereffects like jitteriness. I've been missing it recently, so I decided to buy some. That will probably show up sometime after finals ends, but that's okay, really.

Huh. I just realized that I start work in a week, only I'm kind of too busy at the moment to be scared or freaking out. Huh. Kind of nice. We'll see how long that lasts.
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A comment was made to me in RL that the fact that I'm disabling comments on my LJ crossposts is discouraging people from commenting at all. I thought that the click-thru to DW was not a big deal, but since at least one person I want to hear from feels it's a hassle, I'm reinstating comments on LJ as well as DW.
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The correct arrangement of charms on a Pandora bracelet will act as a key to open the gates of hell and unleash the remaining evils upon mankind. Hope escaped from the box early- you don't want to see what got left stuck inside.

This of course explains why the charms are so ugly and yet have such power over the human soul.

In other real life news, the mouse my roomie saw sometime a few weeks ago walked over to the threshold of my bedroom door, looked around, and then skittered away when I noticed him. I will be making a note to the landlord.
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Some people apparently like horses- these include my maternal grandmother and my aunt on that side, as well as her family. I am of the opinion that there is a fair divide between horse people and myself, and this article, Things Horse People Take for Granted, seems to confirm that.

My own opinion falls in with that of Gen in Megan Whalen Turner'sThe Thief:
I hate horses. I know people who think that they are noble, graceful animals, but regardless of what a horse looks like from a distance, never forget that it is as likely to step on your foot as look at you.

I date my horse hatred to my grandmother perching me atop a restless "blue" behemoth at the tender age of 10 and expecting me to enjoy myself. I did not. I did not fall, and I was not stepped on, but nevertheless I was straddling an animal of uncertain temperament with no direct supervision and I was. not. happy.

This was compounded by my mother, on my grandmother's advice, deciding that I had the makings of "a real horsewoman" and sending me to a riding camp. More there was about mucking out stables and interacting with giant animals at close quarters for several hours than any riding. And I was never very happy about the riding, but asking me to approach the ass-end of a large herbivore and grabbing its foot between my own knees to then stab at it with a small scraping tool, just after telling me to watch out so I don't get kicked? That's not something you should tell to someone as anxious and stress-prone as me. That's just a bad fucking idea, as far as these things go, and I would not thank you now as I did not thank my mother then.

So, while I have nothing against the animals themselves so far as they are sufficiently distant from me, I am not, and shall never be, a horse person.

Real life news! In light of all the recent crap about Facebook being assholes about privacy protection, I have opted to take the following precautions:
1) set every damned thing in my profile, pictures, and posting to Friends Only, as well as limiting the things that my Friends can share after I post them.
2) removed all of my interests and hobbies and whatnot
3)removed almost all of my contact information and my address
4) changed my name, making me easy to identify once I know you and can tell you my Facebook abbreviated name, and very difficult to find based on random cruising.

I'm hoping that will be all I have to do about that, but I am keeping an eye out for other notices of Facebook being haphazard with their information.


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