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The ghost of dead oil magnates wander the halls of this institution, whispering in scholarly ears to strive till their legs cramp and their eyes water, that there is never an "enough" to anything in the halls of this institution, that there is no escape.
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Arthur C. Clarkes' "The Star"- Read it here
Babylonian Talmud Ta'anith 24b- God makes the rain stop and start to please R. Hanina
Homer-The Iliad-"Sing, Goddess, of the rage, of Peleus' son Achilles the accursed rage, which brought pain to thousands of the Achaeans.

Summary- It can be a really, really scary thing for God to be on your side.
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Math will not save you. But rather the ability to find the misplaced comma in the semiotics of the alien language is what will save the world.
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Hartshorne and Jenkins- in Convergence Culture, Jenkins talks about communities of knowledge. In Divine Relativity, Hartshorne talks about the idea of a God for whom human experience constitutes a part of his own knowledge, and in Reality as a Social Process, he talks about the concept of the divine memory, in which all human memory is stored and sustained. I think that there is some crossover between the two, where religious communities constitute a knowledge community....

This is not quite fleshed out yet in my head. Hartshorne really describes God as though he is a backup harddrive, but in fact God is changed and takes part in these changes, so the idea of a storage facility is not right.

I still think there is an undocument parallel between fandom and Christianity, where believers find a portion of the Christian story to resonate with them and involve them in much the same way a particular story or character will involved and resonate with a fan of a certain way. I think that Christianity, particularly in the Evangelical churches, are more and more becoming the fanboys of Christ.

Comparative Media Studies at MIT- I keep thinking about it. I really, really wonder what it would be like for me to to that after I get my M.Div. It's usually funded....

Something to hold in mind.


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