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Basic RED on shorter nails
Basic RED on shorter nails

Nail polish: Sephora by OPI - High Maintenance (opaque bright orange red), $9.50 at Sephora**

This is the first time I have trimmed my nails this short in a long while, and I went with a very basic and classic color to highlight the shape and length of them. Compared to the last two, this is very simple, and I picked it to let myself get used to the idea that short nails can also be classy and glamorous.

I have been trying to grow my nails out for several months now- basically since July. I've had a long history as a nailbiter, more due to boredom and the way having any nail growth at all felt ~weird~ and wrong to someone used to having no nails at all beyond the nailbed itself. I wasn't really able to think about growing out my nails until this summer, because I felt like I never had the time to learn how to do this properly.

I got my nails done professionally for a big giant event this summer (in fact, I got them done about three times in the course of womanly bonding and prep for the actual day of the event) and I found it really, really helpful! *

But because my nail polish use started as a means to master my quest for Longer, Less-Bitten Nails, I really didn't like to cut them at all. I filed and shaped them (squarish for one experiment, very oval for the French Manicure experiment in last post), but I really let them grow out, and it worked really well!

The nail beds, which were formerly quite far down on my finger from all my abuse, have slowly moved their way back up the finger to something that looks more normal for most people. My nails are growing stronger because they have a stronger base, and they break less.

So today, I decided that my long nails had accomplished their task for now, and I filed my nails down a fair bit. Not quite to the quick, because that is still rather far down on my nails, but just enough that I can now make a real good punching fist without stabbing through my palms.

I have to say that I like the look of longer nails better on my hands- it's rather elegant and I think it makes my rather small hands look a big more proportionate.

But they are getting in the way of my personal life, so for now, I will be experimenting with shorter nails and how to make them look awesome without growing them out longer than I can handle.


**I'm going to try and make sure to post where you can buy this polishes in the future, especially for things that are not basic drugstore brands in the US.


NAIL MYTH SURVEY: In the comments, darlings.

My darling husband says that filing one's nails, as opposed to cutting them with clippers, makes the nail grow back thicker and stronger.

Have any of you heard of this story? Do you put any truth to it? Comment below!

I've never heard of it and I think this is bullshit on the level of saying that shaving your legs makes the hair grow back thicker- it cuts off the tapered part of the hair and makes it more rough to the touch, but shaving cannot change the genetically determined level of hairiness of your legs.
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I bought myself a little nail art kit from Sephora last week and I've been having some fun with it. The set includes a fiddly little brush and a dotting tool with two tips, so I've been able to do some more difficult nail project that had escaped me before.

The first experiment:
dotty marks in beige and fuscia on a black nailbed.

Polishes: Sephora by OPI: What's a Tire Jack (opaque black), Leotard Optional (opaque mocha beige - I did not write this color description!), It's All About Me! (opaque muted hot pink)

Technique: Base coat, two coats of black. Then I brushed a small amount of the beige into a plastic spoon and dipped the small point of the dotting tool into it, and started on my nails. I tried to leave the tip of the nail mostly plain and focus on more dots closer to the base of the nail. I tried to do a fair few dots per nail, and to scatter them in a pleasingly random way. I let them dry for a bit, while I washed the dotting tool tip with polish remover to clean it. Next I did the hot pink, and frankly, it's not very opaque. It was very washed out on the black, so I tried to layer it over the beige- that was the only way I could see it very clearly against the black. After that dried, I did a second time round with the beige and wrapped it all up in a top coat.

The second experiment

a french manicure with silver tips and a little bit of stray nail polish


Polishes: Essie's Blanc (sheer white), Essie's No Place Like Chrome (silver metallic)

This is based off Lisa Eldridge's video with a professional nail artist doing "The New French Manicure". Her notes and descriptions are much much better than I could put together, so please head over to her video.
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If you find a man that's worth and damn and treats you well,
then he's a fool,
it's just as well,
Hope it gives you hell.

The last few months had been hell. The tours, the late nights, the constant travel were bad enough before she realized, no, she couldn't keep up with the band. The thrill of being backstage faded when it was where you were every single night, when she just wanted to sleep some nights without having to worry about whether one of the other guys was going to try bringing someone back to the bus and forget which bunk she was in.

Dammit, she'd been trying. Her degree was done and his band as suddenly huge, so it had seemed like a good plan, a great adventure even, to follow him around the country on their first big tour. She'd missed him the first time, and he'd come back with a fucking tattoo on his neck, and it. was. fine. Because for the first time he was really incredibly happy. The work was so important to him, and he was just bursting with energy. They'd recorded the next CD in a two-week blur and he'd written eight more songs for the one after, and some of them were really, really good.

Couldn't she just be happy for him? Be happy with him?

She's been trying so hard. But the next tour took them both away from home for months, and while she'd met great, amazing people, half of them still didn't remember her name by the end of the run. She was still "The Girlfriend" to a lot of people, and it got old fast. And she'd tried to step up for herself, especially when the other guys in the band had noticed it too, and things got better for a little. But then they went right back to not paying that much attention to her when the stress got too high again.

She knew she had to be her own advocate here. It's not like she got a pre law degree based on sitting down and shutting up in class- she'd fought her way to the top just like the rest of them had in college. But no one had her back here, it seemed, and went she finally got tired of it she could still hear them talking about her in the back of the bus when they thought she was asleep.

So she'd applied for a few internships without asking him his plans, and when one came through, a really good one, a firm with the kind of nonprofit background she'd wanted and a decent family leave policy and a really kickass history in the community, she'd knew she couldn't back down. And they'd kissed goodbye and made promises and tried to call regularly. The next tour went off without her and honestly, it had been really really great, not to have to pack up and leave the world behind.

She knew some of the other guys had fucked around on their girlfriends on tour, and the money had changed the dynamics, for some shitty reason. The other girlfriends (a rotating crew sometimes) tended to put up with it in a way she'd never have done, and while she respected him for that a lot, for not putting her through that, when he'd call and talk to her about the chances he could have taken and didn't, because he loved her, it felt like he wanted to be rewarded for it. It left a bad taste in her mouth- was she supposed to thank him? for not hurting her like that? He was supposed to love her.

She hadn't believed the tabloids that put him in bed with that slender brunette. He called her to beg her to believe him, but she already did, and he acted like it was a great gesture on her part, but really, she just thought the papers were stupid. He seemed almost disappointed that she wasn't angrier, and that felt like a bad sign, but she called it a win.

When he called one evening, she picked it up after fishing her phone out from under a pile of yellow legal pads. He wanted to take a break, and while she was concerned, she was having a blast and she really didn't have the time to hunt him down halfway across the world and find out what about Japan had made him change his mind about them.

It was kind of sad, but he seemed resolved, so she let it go and they'd talk about it when he came home in a few weeks.

Then the next set of photos came out, with a different girl, and there was no mistaking it this time. A reporter called her and asked what was going on, and she told him that they were on a break, and she saw the quote in a follow-up piece on some blog, and that's when she got the second call.

"Why wouldn't you fight for me? Why wouldn't you get mad at me? I'm fucking cheating on you, dammit! Why don't you get mad?" He'd been drunk, and slurring, and the logic was just insane. He'd wanted out, but really he wanted her to fight for him? When he hadn't wanted to even talk about it? When he'd been gone for the better part of two years being a rock star? When he didn't even notice that she couldn't sleep in a bus for another summer?

She hung up and went back to her life, the one where she mattered and people respected her and the people using the insane logic were the ones on the other side of the courtroom, and you could at least try to beat them.

When the single had come out, she hadn't bought it, but the dedication had shown up online in a few hours. "Here's to you, bitch."


The song talked about her choosing something else over him, and how he hoped it would torture her later, every time she saw his face, and it just sounded bitter, but it sounded like him. Honestly, it really did sound like him. So she took her phone off the hook for a couple evenings, filtered her email a bit better, and basically ignored it. How many time was he going to pick something else over her and then blame her for it later? She'd lost count. She was done.

And if it went down in pop history that he'd been dumped by her, who was she to care? She knew what happened, and it's not like it was ever going to come up in a job interview.
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It's becoming clear to me that I'm going to need to start dealing with Tumblr if I want to keep up on my Once Upon A Time fic


Aug. 17th, 2012 06:44 pm
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I finished "Once Upon A Time" yesterday afternoon.

I've been rewatching since.

I think I'm doomed. Honestly, truly, madly, doomed.

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So, I missed VividCon again, despite it being in my home city, by means of not paying attention and finding out about it by accident too late to attend. Like last year. And the year before that. I need to get myself some alerts or something.

In other news, I have started watched ONCE UPON A TIME and it's amazing! And I can't read the fic yet, because I am seriously behind in the first season (Just watched episode 12 "Skin Deep") and it's KILLING ME. Because this is a show where, despite it being about stories that I sort of know*, they end up twisting the story enough that I can't take anything for granted.

It's kind of like watching really, really well done crossover fiction- connections that scream for attention get made, but also connections you were never expecting and that really, really draw you in and surprise you.

*My God, but this show relies on the Disney-fied versions a lot.
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I am feeling depressed and kind of mean. I am not working, and I haven't found a job yet. Which, by the way, is ridiculous to be angry about! Because I've been trying for about 2 weeks, most of which have been dealing with immigration and the aftermath of moving and graduating from a really reall really ridiculously difficult school.

I don't even have the RIGHT to feel annoyed at this point. Because it's really functionally not been very long at all. And it was foolish of me to be upset in the first place, because I have a place to leave and money and someone who works to provide both of us with these things. So I don't have the right to be depressed.

But I feel like I don't have a purpose anymore, when I used to have something that ate up my days and made me feel valuable and good at something. I have nothing to pin my ego on except my housework, and it just grates against me to let my brain make the comparison. But it's making it without my permission. And I really rather suck at housework.

I just... I had expected to have a job by now. I had expected to be doing something related to my main goal career right now. And I'm not, and that kind of sucks.

While at the same time I feel completely ashamed at being so at sea about it, because many many people have it much much much tougher than I do, and manage to do something amazing and support themselves. It's just. I haven't learned how to do that yet. And I hate not knowing how to do something.

So, pardon my self indulgence- I will be getting off my butt and making contact with people, and getting out and having a life and deciding to do cool things. But I needed to wallow aloud a bit first.
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My Gentleman got confirmation that his green card is in the mail after our immigration interview last week, so I am officially at the happy ending of the Long March from Hell, a period which included two weddings (one civil), four plane trips (one transcontinental), a thesis, a graduation, vocational disappointment, a move, and an immigration interview.  

All of these were good things! Even the vocational disappointment, in the long view! But mofo, I am glad to be done with all of that.
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Watching: Miss Marple. For she is awesome.

BUT.  I am in a situation, friends! For I have lost my fanvids.  My computer, stalwart though she is, had a major harddrive problem, which meant that I've got a new harddrive.  I didn't lose any of my important files- things like my taxes and my travel plans are all still there.There's only one problem.

I didn't back up my fanvids.

I've lost nearly all of them- the one with the Cylons to the Coldplay song, the Supernatural one that involves the line about having flippers, the random Highlander one that involved Methos (who is the only Highlander character I can actually recognize) and how he is like a cat, the one that actually introduced me to Lady Gaga via Spock and Kirk.

And I need them back, friends.

Can you help me find awesome fanvids again? Post your favorites, and I will follow them and be happy.
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I graduated from my Masters program last Saturday. Yay! (If you have any questions to ask an M.Div, I'm here!)

But that means that for the last week, I have been unemployed.

It's a weird feeling. The only things I have to do during the day are housework and looking for a job, and preparing for the upcoming Wedding! Immigration! and other dances. It's kind of hard and kind of scary, frankly. Because our situation is such that, I could stay at home and just look for a job quite comfortably for a while, except that I need to be employed before The Gentleman's work visa turns into a pumpkin. And that's a bit unnerving.

Well, more than a bit.

I'd prefer to pretend that I am on vacation.
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Today: write a paper, study Croatian

Tomorrow: finish the paper, take final exam in Croatian

Thursday: sleep

Friday: Party- grades are in and I'm graduating! FOREVER!

Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday: Glorious nothing. And Finding a Job.

Wednesday- Friday: Shepard my family about.


Sunday: Family leaves

June 11-31: Find a Job. Pack.

July 1: Move into the new apartment. (Which is pretty!)

July 3rd: Fly home to get married. Try on dress. Do not forget shoes, tiny ninjas, clothing.

July 4th: Country's Birthday. Get Country something nice. Socialized medicine? A proper Presidential candidate?

July 5th: Wedding Rehearsal

July 7th: Wedding

July 8th: Recover from wedding. Honeymoon for a bit.

July 9th-14th ish- San Francisco. Flowers in hair. Wine. Fine tress and sea otters. Snuggles.

July 15thish- get back to Chicago. Have life. Find Job.
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I've spent the day walking around Chicago and the part of it where I live, and it is time to sit and relax and be quite.

Well, actually, this is the time to sit and goof and pretend I don't have papers due, so let's do that instead!

Part of the reason I was up so tired was that I spent much of yesterday meandering through downtown on Mission: Tights.

Mission:Tights is a foray in the larger Battlefield: Wardrobe conflict. See, I'm fat. Unabashedly fat, and at the awkward end of that I'm also short, so I tend to need to shop a lot in clothing stores to find things that cover my body and also look good on my body. I think, actually, that I end up having to shop a good deal more than folks with averaged sized bodies with a relatively similar interesting in fashion. I like to have interesting clothes, I like not to look like an idiot, and I like to be comfortable- things which require a fair amount of work, given the kind of clothes that get made in the world, so I devote a fair amount of time sifting through the garments that are not made for me to find the few that are.

Mission:Tights involved a lot of walking and searching out physical stores that have discounts on nice brands of tights. (The cheap stuff wears out a lot faster for the same amount of money. So, discounts on good brands are key.) Mission:Tights was also total failure-I really couldn't find anything at all decent or in my sizes at the places I looked, so I had basically just spent a lot of time walking around in the heat on feet with tendon issues. But it did serve the desired purpose of not letting me do work on my final projects and papers!

Today, me and the Gentleman had to go and visit the premarital counselor. Who, as always, basically had us summarizing conversations we had had several months ago, about our families and future plans and the issues that we expect to face (Minister-wannabe marries Atheist! what to do!) But, as usual, things ended in our being confirmed Decent, and we were sent on our way to meander around Chicago. And to try and find if our local Large Grocery Store carries octopus. (Nope!)

So here we are, sorefoot and weary and finally home.
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[personal profile] etherati is a prolific writer in the the Watchman fandom (I recommend zir zombie AU Now, as Before.

There's been a death in the family,and the resulting shakeout leaves no money for a family member who now needs more significant care for her dementia. Zie's asking for financial help.

From the post itself:

I don't usually ask for help, but this time I don't have any choice. Two weeks ago, my SO's father killed himself, suddenly and unexpectedly and, even now, for no reason any of us can figure out. I've just spent those two weeks in New Jersey trying to help them sort out the legal and financial affairs, and we're both completely shellshocked and devastated here on top of all the procedural crap. Here's the rundown of financial facts:

-There's no life insurance
-The house is under water and on a reverse mortgage (more on this further down)
-The 401K's have all been drained
-$10,000 in back taxes owed
-There is no money, at all

On top of this, his widow has been mentally deteriorating for years now and can neither live alone nor can live with any of her children, none of whom have the space or are there all day to provide her the care she needs. The trauma of this event--she was there when it happened, in the house, trying to stop him--has accelerated her decline dramatically and she needs professional care. However, in most states her social security income is both woefully inadequate to pay for care and too high to qualify her for aid, because hey, I guess in the good ol' USA old ladies with dementia are also supposed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, idek. I would be more furious if I had the energy for it.

Links to Paypal for donation at the end of the original post. Fandom, what can we do?
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I've been busy. It's not really finals yet for anyone who's not graduating, but they are here for me. I keep having to stay up late and I can't get to sleep properly.

I really, really have no interest in what's left of the school year. My set of little first years, who I met in my last year of college, are graduating later this week, and it's kind of amazingly weird that they and I are both setting out into the world together trying to get a job and a life and some way to do things.
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NOTE: I started writing a post a couple weeks ago, apparently, and never posted it. It's mostly just some incomplete thoughts on comic book characters, but I didn't want to throw it away entirely. Please accept, dear internet, this flawed child of a fractured mind.

So, last night, in a first of Avengers induced mania, I typed up some of my thoughts on a comic book pairing from Avengers Academy, Hazmat and Mettle, who show some major signs of being MEANT FOR EACH OTHER in comic book terms: they have powers that literally prevent them from easily seeking standard-human like people as romantic or sexual partners.

That's a very comic booky version of a sticking people into a relationship without really wanting to be in one. And, frankly, it's more common for writers to take the more obviously angsty alternative: two people who CANNOT HAVE SEX because of powers. (See: Rogue AKA "Life Force Sponge" and Gambit AKA "Don Juan de Bayou". Or, in fan traditions, Ben Grimm AKA The Thing "Mobile Cinderblock" and Alicia Masters "Squishy Soft Person") And sticking two people together while alluding to their sexual problems is a long tradition of comic books, which should be upheld along with inadvertent temporary genderswaps and finding out your sweetie is an alien.

And I've loved the aspect of two people being stuck together out of nothing, ya know? I kind of love the idea that you can just meet someone and BOOM. You've got a future together. And fandom has a LOT of ways of doing that.

Soulbonding is the biggest one, where two characters (usually just two) have some bizarre weird moment where they are stuck together and have some kind of psychic connection forever and ever amen. Soulbonding fics (at least the kind that I used to read a lot) tend to start out with two people who either soulbond randomly, without meaning to (Imprint: J2 RPF, nonspecific mentions of child molestation by mass_hipgnosis, or being forced into it to save someone's life (A Meeting of Minds: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, explicit, by Nix)) They have to create (or reshape, if they already knew each other) a relationship around the fact that they now have this person that they simply cannot get away from.

Why I liked it: At the time I was reading a lot of these, I was in my first serious romantic relationship. It was a lot of work, trying to get to know someone and trying to be awesome to that person and trying not to screw things up even when I really didn't know what that would look like. I didn't know if it would "work out" (whatever that meant) and while there were some major basic things for a life-long buddy that I clearly knew I wanted (no bodyshaming, vaguely feminist at least, smart and a funny, kind but not wishy-washy, solid), getting to know another person that deeply is damned hard work.
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So the relationship of Hazmat and Mettle is kind of fascinating to me. Let's go through why.

Ken Mack: the solid metal surfer )

Jennifer Takeda: All-American girl one day, walking WMD the next. )

Before they start dating... )

Why I like them:

Why they work )

*EDIT: I edited Mettle's ethinic background to add the Person of Color note. In Avengers Academy #4, Mettle talks about his life and the illustrations show him as distinctly browner than his white Jewish mom, and with short dreads. His dad is shown in one image (off in the corner, in no detail at all) as being a brown/dark tan person with long dreaded hair. I read this as Black American, making Mettle one of many many characters of color whose race is invisible due to his superhuman powers. This is a problem, because he mostly looked like the Red Skull, who partied with Hitler and makes a point of calling some people less than human. The Black Jewish kid looks like the most prominent Nazi of the Marvel universe- FAIL or attempt at interesting character development?
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I got another rejection from a job- one that I was really fairly qualified for, and would have liked (I think) but that's fine. Well, it will be, in any case.

In which I return to comic books after a long hiatus! Avengers Academy is delightful and deep- I'm tempted to do a little Fandom of One style introduction to it, because it cries out for fanfiction.


So, I left this post alone for a while, and then the rest of my day happened. The lawyers came back with the packet for filing for the Gentleman's permanent residence visa, and there's another round of stuff I need to get them. He is very much worth it.

But before that, we had to handle some rather foul garbage that popped out of a very ripe garbage bag on its way to the dumpster.
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I've been sick with something that might just be a hellish cold, or some flu, but I've been stuffed up and pathetic all week when I would much rather not be so pathetic. Today, I'm feeling better overall, but it's been bought at the price of my voice.

I've got no voice at all right now- I can produce a pathetic squeak if I really put effort into it, but it feels like I'm yelling and I only hear a little squeak. I'm getting by with hand gestures and whispering when I need to, but I'm pretty frustrated.

This comes at the end of a week of being fairly crappy and sickly. I was able to get my taxes done, thank god!

But I hit a problem there, where there was an error in the birthdate in the Social Security Office's info. This is the first time that came up, but it looks like they had my birthyear wrong by one year. That meant I had to go down and talk to them, with my birth certificate, and get that fixed. And it's still not fixed, but I need an NEW copy of my birth certificate to show them and a;dlkja;dlfjkaosj

So, I've had about as much energy as I need to deal with one thing per day, and then to collapse in the afternoon. Taxes, Stupid Governmental Misunderstandings have been dealt with, and some networking and handing out my resume, but I get home and have to rest.

I spent a good deal of yesterday morning at an event where I got to meet a lot of People Who Might Someday Hire Me, which was great! Honestly! Really happy about that.

But I work up the next day and had no voice at all, and I think that those things are related. Beyond that, I think I'm on the mend, but I could use some love.
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If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now,(even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad. :)

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your journal if you are so inclined and see what your friends come up with.
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If you're thinking Vin Diesel, stop right now. Because I have just discovered on Netflix a movie from 1955 about a thief who steals a car. And you just *guess* what it's called. :D


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