May. 30th, 2010

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Idfic, which I have understood fairly intuitively and only recently had a term for, is both a frustrating and interesting experience. Because I've recently been spoiled by smartly edited fanfic, where the presentation of the fiction is much less likely to knock me out of the text.

The most recent idfic that I've seen rec'd, Harbingers of Beatrice by Holly, which is Spike-centric, and Unintentionally Yours by Dinkel, which is an arranged marriage fic with Voldemort and Harry, are both designed to appeal to the slightly twisted part of my brain that really just wants to see these things happen for the sheer hell of it. They should be really interesting and fun reads where the authors just decide to go wherever they want and play with the story as they feel like it, and that I, the reader, tag along for the crazy ride that I want to go with. And, really? They are. They are fun, interesting stories that are just about the story the author has in her head.

But I'm having a problem reading them because the grammar keeps knocking me out of the story.

I thought I got over this! I starting reading fanfic on, for the love of pants! The standards of grammar there were really quite low, to speak politely, and while there are some great authors still posting there, there are many, many more people who are writing without editing at all.

But then I started following recs to websites, and following recs to other sites, and over the last two years? I really haven't found much new fiction that hadn't been rec'd somewhere by someone. Which usually meant that there was an editor somewhere in the process. And I've lost the knack of not caring about the editing anymore.

So, right now, when I read these two fics (and I mean to finish them, for there is great and enjoyable crack therein), and the author continually misplaces commas? Or picks a word that bears no actual meaning to the word she really clearly wants to use, and the one she picked just sort of sounds kind of similar? I get knocked out of the story again. And it makes me sad.

Because I want to be able to read these and like them and find new and vast interesting things in them. But for the most part, I just want to be able to read them without falling out of the story. I want to be able to get lost, and I can't. And I don't know whether I should blame the authors for not getting a better editor, because they did go to the effort of writing the fic, and I can't complain when the free work of someone's unpaid imagination is rough around the edges, because they are still doing it for love and I still love that they are doing it, misplaced commas and all. Or, perhaps I should blame myself, because I know that I once had the skill to ignore the rough edges of fic and love it for what it was and try and wish nothing more from it. But I can no longer do that, and I'm more than a little bit sad about it.


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