Decaf teas?

Feb. 2nd, 2013 09:08 pm
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In which I rise from a grave of unfinished posts!

Firstly, does anyone have a good recommendation for a tasty non caffeinated tea? It's too cold and miserable in my hometown to forego an evening cuppa, and I can't deal with caffeine late in the day. Peppermint has been a favorite, chamomile is a distant second- I appreciate a good herbal blend but I wouldn't be against a decaf blend that's truly decaf.

Secondly, still job searching. Boo.

Thirdly, I've been mainlining Spartacus:Blood and Sand and Extraneous Differently Named Seasons and Elementary.

Spartacus has a real gift for sexy naked men and more violence than I care for- I kept up with it because there was good press about it's treatment of same-sex romance. On that front, it's not delivering as much as I would like, but after a season and a half, I am surprised to discover that the character development for the supporting cast impresses me- there's really only one character of a cast of a dozen or so getting regular screentime who doesn't have some backstory and development. Mind you, he's an Arab (Syrian) villain who is also rapey, sooooooooooo. There's a problem I saw coming from the writers. But ancient Rome is portrayed as convincingly will of POC's, and I'm holding out for the rest of the season to redeem itself. I was holding out for a well-costumed period piece, and Spartacus is delivering nicely.

But, dammit, I get caught up on certain weird things. Like, the main cast has men who are circumcised when it doesn't make sense for their cultural background. And. Well, that tells you a lot about what kind of show it has been, ne? :) And how the ancient Romans are waaaaaaay less conflicted about oral sex than they were in real life- it's an odd hangup to the modern mind.

Elementary is best enjoyed when I stop trying to mentally compare it to the modern BBC Sherlock adaptation. Lucy Liu is a WONDERFUL Watson and interesting and has a convincing emotional life, and while there Sherlock is not as blindingly clever, he also seem to be shaping up to be intelligent and clever enough to make me think that he's a real detective rather than a deus ex machina. There were a few rough episodes at the start, but the show's hit its stride by episode 6 or 7. I do think that a case can be made that Watson, in both shows, is the main character, but I think that the balance of the BBC show favors Sherlock more as a brilliant mind, and that the America adaptation favors Watson..... but I'm still chewing on it.


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