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So, I painted my nails this light purple color.I don't know the name of this shade, but it's one of Orly's Mani Mini collection, and it's a nice light purple, but a very true purple- not lilac or lavender or something. (The pinky nail gives you the best idea of the realy color, and it's rather translucent.)

I like the color, but I found that it was a bit TOO sheer- two coats still left it kind of streaky, and it didn't build up. I was left with short cartoonishly purple nails that reminded me TOO much of a certain kid's show dinosaur. A nice color to have, but a little childish when I was finished thinking about it.

So I covered it up!

I've had several polishes that I wanted to test for their sheerness in the past, and now I had my chance. Here's the verdict.

Pinky- Sephora by OPI's Rumba Romance, a very fine bronze glitter in clear polish that actually layers really nicely. It's pretty translucent, and the color just reeks of sophistication. It layered rather nicely over the purple.

Ring finger- essie's limo-scene, a rather sheer pinky white. This is the most whiplash I've had from a nail polish purchase recently. In the bottle, this color looks white. Like, honest blank white. In the pictures on essie's website, it's PINK! Pale, but indubitably pink. Really, really annoying, because I was not looking for a sheer clear pink, I wanted WHITE. As you can see, it layers very translucently over the purple, and it's not a bad effect overall, but not what I wanted at all. It's not pink, and it's not white, and while it's kind of a nice neutral sheer color, I really was not looking for a nice neutral sheer color when I bought this.

Kind people, do you have a good solid white polish that goes on solid true white?

Middle finger: essie's no place like chrome- a totally solid chrome silver. I love this color, I would wear it all the time if it weren't such a statement color. The purple was GONE under this, and it proved exactly how not sheer this color was.

Index finger: Sephora by OPI's What's a tire jack?- solid black. It doesn't come across, but this is only the slightest bit sheer. As in, it's a different and deeper black than it would have been over a plain nail, and it's kind of nice. Overall, tho, it went on a nice dark solid black and it's great.

Thumb- essie's a cut above- metallic pink glitter in a clear polish. This glitter polish is such a strange beast! It can look completely cheesy, like in this picture, or really really sophisticated over a neutral beige that I have. I applied two coats to get a nice even distribution of the glitter. This actually makes a really good fast drying topcoat, and I'm in love. It just makes me really pleased when I can get the distribution right. The glitter varies in size from a nice chunk to the size of a pencil point, and it really just adds a lot to the final distribution of color. I'm in love.

The only think I don't love about "a cut above" is the removal- getting glitter off usually takes more polish remover than otherwise, and it sticks like made. I often end up having to scrape at the remaining glitter with a cuticle pusher and discarding the remains.


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