May. 1st, 2010

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Rewatching 5.20- "The Devil You Know."  First part, running commentary- second part, my thoughts on the episode as a whole.

Running Commentary: Spoilers, ho! )

Total bitch count: 1

More organized thoughts on the episode. Spoilers thru season 5 )

In keeping with Three Weeks of Dreamwidth, I will not be posting this to my lj kitewithfish account.
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Remember me writing about going shopping with The Boy, and bought a summer dress? It turns out he was running a long game in going shopping with me.

Yesterday, it's finally warm enough to wear a summer-weight dress and not get frostbite. I put on the New!Dress

Kite: Dress, you are very short!
Dress: indeed I am! I fall only to mid-thigh on you. In fact, I am really a long tunic-top for a rather tall lady, but I am just a short dress on you.
Kite: I did not realize this. Boy, did you realize this?
Boy: Yup. *Ogles my legs.*
Kite: Boy, did you purposefully steer me towards a short dress so that you could perve on my legs?
Boy: Yup! My cunning plot, it is fulfilled! But it's a very pretty short dress, nevertheless.
Kite: Yes. I know. It is a very pretty short dress, as the man leaning out of his car window informed me this morning. At high volume.
Boy: I applaud his taste!

In conclusion, I apparently have nicer legs than I thought, and I will be sharing them with the world today.


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